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SLDF Case Application Process


The Subcontractor Legal Defense Fund Task Force and ASA National Leadership carefully vet each application for assistance to ensure the maximum legal impact for the subcontracting industry. Approved cases are offered to ASA member law firms to serve as amicus counsel. Approved counsel accepts a capped and reduced retainer below standard rates as a service to the ASA community and in recognition of the far-reaching impact of these Appellate decisions.

Factors and Considerations for SLDF Involvement

ASA’s Board of Directors requires the SLDF Task Force to consider the following factors:

(a) Is the issue of specific interest to construction Subcontractors and suppliers?

(b) Are the issues focused and clearly presented?

(c) Is there is a consensus among ASA members on the issue(s)?

(d) Could ASA have a meaningful impact in the judicial proceedings?

(e) Is the proceeding likely to result in setting favorable judicial precedent (or avoiding the setting of unfavorable judicial precedent) primarily in appellate level court proceedings or other reported formats?

(f) Are the issue or forum of high visibility from a public relations standpoint?

(g) Is the party seeking ASA’s intervention willing to indemnify ASA for its expenses if the case settles before a final decision on the appeal?


Click Here to Download the SLDF Procedures.

Click Here to Download the SLDF Application Form.