Subcontractors Legal Defense Fund

ASA's SLDF supports ASA's critical legal activities in precedent-setting cases to protect the interests of all subcontractors.

Subcontractors Legal Research Fund

FASA's SLRF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions that are earmarked for important cases where subcontractor rights are at stake.

ASA Chapter Scholarship Fund

The Chapter Scholarship Fund helps chapters send representatives to national events in order to network, learn from their peers and to have all chapters represented at the national level.

ASA-PAC Administration Fund

The ASA-PAC Administrative Fund pays for the administrative costs of ASA-PAC. While ASA-PAC funds are contributed directly to candidates, the Admin Fund helps ASA fund overhead expenses for the PAC.

Elite Voluntary Fund

A voluntary contribution to the Elite Voluntary Fund will help further the mission of ASA and your local chapter.

FASA General Fund

Contributions to the FASA General Fund go toward the day to day operations of the Foundation of ASA. This includes developing new education programs, fundraising, and marketing.

FASA Contractors' Knowledge Quest

FASA’s Contractors’ Knowledge Quest is dedicated to expanding the existing body of knowledge on subcontractor issues.

Cornerstone Club

The Cornerstone Club is ASA’s discretionary fund. This fund gives ASA the ability to be forward-thinking and innovative, and to respond quickly on subcontractor issues.