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Chapter Marketing & Media Assets

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Market locally with content from ASA National!

Use the content below to promote ASA programs and membership in your region.

ASA Branding Guide

Use this guide and branding standards when creating marketing for ASA.

ASA Logo

vertical logo: jpg | png
horizontal logo: jpg | png
logo mark: jpg | png

For other logo formats, please contact the ASA Communications Team.


(Official Font family)

Alternate Fonts
(If Eurostile is unavailable)

Arial/Arial Bold
Tahoma/Tahoma Bold
Trebuchet/Trebuchet Bold
Verdana/Verdana Bold

ASA Colors

These are official ASA brand colors. They are used in the logo, on the website, and in printed materials.

Pantone 7686 C
CMYK: 99, 83, 16, 3
RGB: 28, 71, 138
Hex: #1C478A


#Pantone 7674 C
CMYK: 50, 43, 11, 0
RGB: 137, 139, 180
Hex: 898BB4


ASA Social Media

Hashtags, links, and social content to tag, follow, and share.

Social Media Hashtags


ASA Website Links

Share these links to send people to ASA content.

Tag Our Social Media Accounts

You can also find us on Instagram, Threads, and YouTube.

Files & Templates

Presentations, press releases, registration forms, etc.

Home Depot Rebate Program
Registration Instructions

Click Home Depot logo to download PDF

Think Tank Seattle

Get the flyer!

Always Something Awesome Awards Packet

Check back later in 2024!

Other Logos

SUBExcel, FASA Cares, ASAdvantage, sponsors.

FASA Cares

jpg | png


jpg | png

ASAdvantage Health Plan

jpg | png

SUBExcel 2025

Promo images and content. Right-click or CTRL+click to download.

Content for 2025 will be posted later in 2024.

SUBExcel 2025 - Save the Date

Social Media Feeds

Share content directly from ASA social media accounts!

LinkedIn Feed

Twitter Feed

Image Assets

ASAdvantage Health Plan Hero Image
ASAdvantage Health Plan Hero Image
ASAdvantage Health Plan FAQ
ASAdvantage Health Plan FAQ
ASAdvantage Health Plan Banner
ASAdvantage Health Plan Banner
ASA Member Benefits Banner
ASA Member Benefits Banner

Member Benefits Icons

ASA icons-23-Networking (1)
ASA icons-24-Education (1)
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