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Upcoming ASA Webinar: DOL’s New “Salary” Threshold Overtime Rule

Join us on June 18th, 2024 at Noon Eastern for the upcoming ASA webinar, DOL’s New “Salary” Threshold Overtime Rule, presented by Bill Ford of SESCO Management Consultants.

Is your organization ready for the upcoming changes to the overtime exemptions? Have you recently done a risk assessment to determine how these changes may impact your number one controllable cost -- your payroll?

Join SESCO for a complimentary webinar to discuss the DOL’s new guaranteed salary thresholds for White Collar exemptions from overtime. Participants learn in depth the details of complete white-collar exemptions from overtime in addition to certain partial exemptions that may be used for industry and/or geographic region. SESCO will also discuss recommendations in preparing for the salary threshold increase and alternative pay plan options available to our valued clients.


Presented By: Bill Ford, President, SESCO

Bill is President of SESCO Management Consultants which was founded in 1945. He has been with the firm for 35 years. He is a generalist human resource management consultant specializing in family business consulting, compensation, Wage and Hour, EEO representation, organizational development, labor relations and compliance to federal and state employment regulations. He has been engaged and has practical hands-on experience in numerous industries, including healthcare, funeral homes, manufacturing, retail auto dealerships, financial and credit unions, mining, and professional service industries.

Bill is a certified Vital Learning speaker and has presented before a number of clients, Chambers of Commerce, national and state business associations, as well as employer/human resource management groups. He has authored a number of publications, including How to Develop a Compensation Program, and How to Comply with Wage and Hour Regulations. SESCO’s consulting system programs that Bill wrote include Developing an Employee Handbook, Developing an Affirmative Action Program, Screening and Hiring, How to Remain Union Free, and JJ Keller’s Human Resource Management Guide.