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This Week in Congress

Last week, the Senate passed by an 88-4 vote on a five-year extension of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill, which provides funding for airport modernization, technology programs, and safety, and includes a number of consumer-protection provisions, such as fee-free family seating. Despite the objections of the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Senators, it also allows additional flights in and out of Reagan National Airport.  This week, the House cleared the Senate version of this reauthorization.

Additionally, this week, the Senate held hearings on three pieces of legislation regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in elections and Senate Majority Leader Schumer is strongly considering bringing a failed bipartisan border deal back up for consideration, to potentially address immigration policy before the election.

Law enforcement-related measures to mark National Police Week were voted on in the House including bills that would expand the authority for officers to carry concealed firearms in school zones and national parks and require migrants who are arrested for assaulting an officer to be detained.  Additionally, the House held votes on bills to reauthorize the Coast Guard and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration; require the disclosure of event ticket and hotel fees; and address consumer products such as lithium-ion batteries, non-flushable disposable wipes, awnings, and products with high levels of sodium nitrite.