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This Week in Congress

With the May 10th deadline looming, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s reauthorization topped the Senate’s agenda this week. A short-term extension was considered as several members raised concerns about fast-tracking the bill if their amendments were not considered.  Rep. Lawler’s antisemitism bill is headed for the Senate, where it will face more objections. As the Senate leadership expects to consider the bill soon with Senate Majority Leader Schumer saying they will “look for the best way to move forward.”

Among the votes expected in the House are the Equal Representation Act authored by Rep. Edwards (R-NC), which would require a citizenship question on the Census and require that congressional apportionment be based on citizens rather than all residents; and Rep. Lesko (R-AZ)’s Hands Off Our Appliances Act, which would prohibit any products being subjected to new energy-conservation standards that are “not technologically feasible and economically justified.”

Rep. Greene (R-GA) planned to trigger a vote this week to oust Speaker Johnson, but Democrats have stated that they will come to Johnson's rescue and vote to table Greene's resolution. Solid Democratic support would ensure that Johnson would keep his gavel for now. Rep. Greene (R-GA) has struggled to round up backing from fellow GOP lawmakers for the motion to vacate. As of last week, just two other Republicans had publicly joined Green; Reps. Massie (R-KY) and Gosar (R-AZ).