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FY24 War Supplemental?

Per Senate Armed Services Chairman Reed, “the Defense Department will be in ‘unknown country’ if Congress does not pass supplemental funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.” Chairman Reed implored the House to pass the $95.3 billion aid package (H.R. 815) suggesting that the Pentagon will face budgetary challenges without the influx of funding.  Defense officials have said “that the department is roughly $10 billion in the hole after sending equipment to Ukraine, with no way to fill the gap unless Congress acts.” Finally, per Chairman Reed, “one of the things about the supplemental is that the vast majority of the money is going to American companies to produce American equipment that will go to our military.  So, you know, the supplemental, if we don't pass it, it's not only going to disadvantage our military forces, it's going to disadvantage our military industrial base.”