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Announcing the Bipartisan Construction Procurement Caucus (CPC)

Before Congress ended session for 2023, the co-Chairs of the Construction Procurement Caucus (CPC) Reps. Stauber (R-MN) and Scholten (D-MI) circulated a Dear Colleague Letter inviting members of Congress to join their caucus, which serves as a forum for Members to discuss ways to improve efficiency in the federal government procurement process and to promote reforms that benefit the government, taxpayers, and businesses of all sizes. Per their letter, “the federal government is the largest customer in the world and relies heavily on private businesses when procuring goods and services. By contracting with the private sector, we ensure a competitive marketplace, support small businesses as engines of economic growth, and enhance the use of innovative ideas, products, and services. However, navigating the marketplace of federal opportunities is complex. From knowing where to seek assistance to ensuring proper compliance with federal regulations, the process can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly. Our federal contractors need clear rules and sensible regulations that are not overly burdensome.” The goals and objectives of the Caucus are to:

  1. simplify the federal construction services procurement process;
  2. promote a competitive marketplace for federal construction services contracts;
  3. support greater opportunities for small businesses in the federal marketplace; and
  4. elevate procurement-related legislative opportunities.

Finally, the Construction Industry Procurement Coalition, which we are a member, will host their first holiday reception on Thursday, December 14th in the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee Room.