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This Week in Congress

This week, Congress returned to session after the Thanksgiving Day Recess and on November 14, 2023, the House of Representatives voted 336-95 to pass a continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded through the end of this year (H.R. 6363).  This creates new funding deadlines on January 19, 2024 for four appropriations bills:  (1) Agriculture-FDA, (2) Energy and Water, (3) Military Construction-VA, (4) and Transportation-HUD.  The other eight spending bills would be funded through February 2, 2023.  Members of the House passed it with support from 209 Democrats and 127 Republicans, an interesting mix of votes.  The Senate passed the same legislation with a vote of 87-11 and the President signed the legislation into law.  The spending legislation, currently, does not include the White House’s nearly $106 billion request for wartime aid for Israel and Ukraine, as well as humanitarian funding for Palestinians and other supplemental requests.