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Federal Government Funded Until November 17, 2023

Under H.R. 5860, the federal government will be funded through November 17th, which also provided $16 billion in emergency disaster aid.  This continuing resolution (CR) will generally extend fiscal 2023 funding levels for federal agencies and programs that otherwise would have shut down on October 1st.   The measure does not include supplemental funding for Ukraine, but it would extend several other programs that expire on September 30th, including:

  • Federal Aviation Administration authorities through December 31st;
  • Animal drug user fees through fiscal 2028;
  • Community health centers and pandemic preparedness authorities through November 17th;
  • The National Flood Insurance Program through November 17th; and
  • Scheduled cuts to certain hospital payments would also be delayed until November 18th.

The CR provided $16 billion in emergency funding to FEMA for the Disaster Relief Fund, including $15.5 billion for major disasters declared under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.   It also included $2 million for the Office of the Inspector General for audits and investigations of activities funded under the Disaster Relief Fund.  The measure allowed FEMA to use funding for operations at the rate necessary to carry out response and recovery activities under the Disaster Relief Fund.

The House passed the bill on September 30th by a vote of 335-91 after amending it to add language blocking an automatic cost-of-living adjustment for members of Congress. The Senate cleared the measure 88-9 and President Biden signed it into law the same day, averting a government shutdown.