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ASA Opposes the Worker Walkaround Proposed Rule

ASA, along with the Coalition for Workforce Safety (CWS), sent a letter to the House Ed and Workforce Committee’s Subcommittee on Workforce Protections in advance of their hearing on September 27th on OSHA’s policies and priorities. OSHA administrator Parker testified, and we planned to bring to his attention the rule and the politicization of the agency. The letter explains that OSHA’s proposal is inconsistent with the underlying statute and applicable regulatory history, inserts OSHA staffers into labor disputes, violates NLRB jurisdiction, exposes employers and OSHA to serious liability, and infringes on workers’ rights.

Additionally, we submitted our extension request on the proposed rule asking for an additional 60 days to the comment period; 74 organizations joined this request.  We will be submitting substantive comments on the proposal, which are due on October 30th.