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Government Shutdown Threats Looming

Government shutdown threats are looming, and a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government at the FY23 funding levels post September 30th is highly probable.  Senators want a December 8th deadline while House Republicans want the CR "in the October timeframe."  One of the biggest issues to reaching a bipartisan CR is funding for the Ukraine war. Minority Leader McConnell continues to support the supplemental funding stating that much of a new aid package would benefit domestic defense contractors as the Pentagon scrambles to replenish depleted weapons stockpiles given to Ukraine.  However, House conservatives are opposing more aid, raising questions about fraud and whether the administration has any end game for Ukraine.  Speaker McCarthy has downplayed the threat of a shutdown, saying the House will get its work done, but he also warned the House will oppose Senate plans to spend more than the amounts outlined in the debt limit law enacted in June.