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Funding the Government

When the House and Senate are both in session next week, members of Congress will have only 11 legislative days to come to an agreement on the continuing resolution (CR) before the current fiscal year expires on September 30, 2023. Speaker McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Schumer agreed on the general idea of a CR to fund the government until early December. Schumer stated that “the only way to avoid a shutdown is through bipartisanship.” House conservatives will be key in reaching an agreement on the CR.  Ukraine funding, disaster aid, border issues, and the broad parameters of the debt-limit deal are all in question.  Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) stated that a CR “of any kind, especially a 2-plus month CR into December, must be dead on arrival.” Fifteen House Republicans from Texas said in August they would oppose any bill funding the Homeland Security Department unless President Biden ousts Secretary Mayorkas, adopts conservative border legislation to eliminate on asylum claims, or makes other border changes.