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Contract Documents Task Force

ASA has recently approved an updated round of contracts from the ConsensusDocs design-bid-build series. These are a series of ConsensusDocs most used prime and subcontract agreements and are being revised for publication as part of ConsensusDocs regular comprehensive revision cycle. This cycle occurs twice as frequently as the American Institute of Architects (AIA) standard contract documents. These include the ConsensusDocs prime 200, 205, and 230 prime agreements, as well as the 750 (long), and 751 (short) subcontracts.

The ConsensusDocs Content Advisory Council has been soliciting and reviewing industry feedback for years to keep the ConsensusDocs ahead of the curve in identifying and establishing industry best practices. In this revision cycle, the Council generally maintained the careful risk allocation balance that already exists in ConsensusDocs standard construction contract documents while making important revisions to help keep the best contract documents in the industry even better. Some highlights include:

  • Articulates the exclusions to the limited waiver of consequential damages more precisely
  • Eliminates “existing structures coverage” under property insurance
  • Addresses delegated design and design coordination with more detailed procedures to submit, review, and respond when design is delegated
  • Requires a submittal schedule within 30 days of commencing work
  • Clarifies an owner’s options when responding to submittals
  • Modifies a Constructor’s indemnity obligations under Constructor’s CGL policy