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The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Considers Supply Chain Bills

On Tuesday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted on a supply chain-focused package of legislation regarding foreign ownership of U.S. marine terminals, rules for commercial driver’s license exams, allowing some trucks to weigh more, and authorize spending to alleviate a parking shortage for trucks. The committee also voted on legislation to expedite environmental reviews for major projects. Supply chain dysfunction sparked increased interest from the committee last year and the panel held hearings in recent months on the topic.  Not all of the 18 bills included in the package received bipartisan support, such as one requiring the Department of Transportation to promote the infrastructure law’s apprenticeship program, which allows drivers between the age of 18 and 21 to drive trucks on the interstates.  Also, opposition mounted on two bills that would allow heavier trucks, one of which allows automobile transporters up to 88,000 pounds and one launching a 10-year “pilot” program under which states could allow trucks up to 91,000 pounds on interstate highways. The current limit is 80,000 pounds.