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Democrats’ First 2024 Primary Moves to South Carolina

The Democratic National Committee has approved a revised schedule for presidential primaries in 2024, which elevated South Carolina as the nation's first primary and removes Iowa from the list of early contests. If the states follow through on the plan they would upend a half-century-old schedule that has had New Hampshire's primary and Iowa's caucuses as the first presidential nominating contests. President Biden proposed the new calendar in December, saying the order of Democratic primaries should be adjusted to allow states with racially diverse populations to have more of a say in early presidential contests, which can set the tone for the rest of a campaign.  The plan has gotten pushback, especially in New Hampshire, where state law dictates that the state hold the nation's first presidential primary every four years.  The Democrats' new schedule differs from Republicans' primary calendar, placing some states in a difficult position. Under the new calendar for 2024, South Carolina Democrats will vote on February 3rd, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada on February 6th, Georgia on February 13th, and Michigan on February 27th. Iowa would not be able to hold its caucus before March. It went first in 2020, followed by New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  New Hampshire Gov. Sununu (R) has said, "Our primary will still be first and the nation will not be held to a substandard process dictated by Biden and the Democrat Party."