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This Week in Congress

The House voted on legislation that would end policies spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic including the national emergency declaration and expansion of federal telework initiated in March 2020.  Additionally, the House voted on legislation that would allow mutual funds to delay the redemption of shares to protect older Americans from financial exploitation and require the Small Business Capital Formation office to expand its focus to small businesses in rural areas.  Meanwhile, the Senate continued with their organizing meetings to determine committee assignments for the 118th Congress.  Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced Democratic committee assignments including Sen. Peters (D-MI) as the only new senator joining the Senate Appropriations Committee.  All other Senate Democrat Appropriators are returning, but subcommittee chairmanships, which have yet to be announced, may be altered.

Also, top Democrats for House Appropriations subcommittees remain a question mark. On House Ways and Means, the three most senior subcommittee chairs will retain their posts. This week at least seven House committees will hold organizational meetings.  The Senate adoption of an organizing resolution is still pending because Senate Republicans are still making committee assignments.