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ASA Begins Working with the 118th Congress

Since the members of the 118th Congress were sworn a few weeks ago, ASA has been working to introduce our association to these newly elected members of Congress, along with maintaining our relationship with the returning members.   ASA looks forward to continuing to serve as a critical voice for small and privately owned construction businesses in what is expected to be another challenging year on Capitol Hill.  We will work with the 118th Congress to advocate for the protection and promotion of tax issues that are important to small businesses, privately owned businesses, and their owners along with our continued commitment to maintain a high estate tax exemption to protect privately owned and small businesses from destructive taxes when they are passed down to future generations.  Immediate priorities will include continued investment in infrastructure, tackling supply chain issues, addressing the labor shortage, promoting workforce development and contracting reform. Finally, opposing intrusive and burdensome legislation and regulations will be a major objective for ASA in 2023.  Compliance and disclosure issues relating to ESG requirements, particularly those that are overly costly and/or burdensome, will be a major priority.  We will keep you posted on our efforts throughout the year.