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Subcontractor Legal Defense Fund Spotlight

The courts are a key battleground in the fight for subcontractor rights. The American Subcontractors Association’s (ASA) Subcontractors Legal Defense Fund (SLDF) supports critical legal activities to protect the interests of all construction subcontractors. The funds invest in precedent-setting litigation to establish subcontractors’ rights across the country. Our ASA members and sponsors provide the generous support that keeps this fund active on the cases carefully selected for representation by our subcontractor community.

Members like Robert Abney, Senior Vice President of F.L. Crane & Sons in Mississippi, have been a long-time and consistent backer of the Subcontractor Legal Defense Fund along with a myriad of other high-profile subcontractors across the country.

How long has your company been supporting the SLDF?

  • We have contributed to SLDF for over twenty years, but we have been more intentional over the last 6.

What was the primary reason you selected the Fund for support?

  • A lobbyist once explained that the easiest and quickest ways to get change in the law was through judicial precedent. Lobbying for laws can be expensive and take years to get the right people to pass a bill. Knowing this, I got involved in the SLDF task force. I quickly realized the SLDF task force is full of brilliant people wanting to leave the industry better than we found it, making it one of the easiest & best decisions to join and serve.

Are there any particular cases that come to mind that especially demonstrated to you the importance of the SLDF?

  • Frankly, they are all special when you really think about it. The cases the SLDF takes on have great significance for every contractor. The SLDF committee takes great care to select the cases that can shape positive outcomes for subs.

What would you say to ASA members and other potential SLDF donors who may be asking why it is important to keep these cases funded?

  • Nowhere else can you influence case law with such a limited cost with best co-defendants and world class representation. It is imperative that we, ASA, as the voice for all subcontractors, champion what is right and fair for the subcontracting industry.