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The FY23 Funding Drama Continues

The drama continues as congressional negotiators are roughly $25 billion apart on a top-line spending figure for nondefense discretionary programs.  Senate Appropriations Vice Chairman Shelby said it’s still possible to finish an omnibus by the end of the year, though he said some members of Congress have floated a possible short-term continuing resolution (CR) when the current one expires on December 16th. Sens. Leahy (D-VT) and Shelby (R-AL) had lunch with President Biden to discuss the omnibus bill.  Senator Leahy said the lunch meeting was focused on how the two sides could complete action on the omnibus package soon, but he declined to give details about the session. Subcommittee Chairs and Ranking members are still waiting on a deal between Leahy and Shelby to set top-line allocations for each of the 12 bills before they can finish their work on the omnibus.  House Republicans continue to push back against the idea of an omnibus spending bill with large nondefense spending.  House Minority Leader McCarthy said “he’d be fine with a CR that runs into January.”  Other Republicans want a deal now, saying it’s too much to expect McCarthy and other House GOP leaders to negotiate an omnibus so quickly after taking over the House.