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Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts with ASA of Southwest Florida

Our friends and ASA members in Florida were recently devestated by Hurricane Ian as it ripped its way across their state.  ASA of Southwest Florida, LaRae Davenport, shared the following message:

"As the ED in SWFL, our community has been destroyed by Hurricane Ian. To put it into perspective, the eye hit about 30 miles from my office. As of now, Above anything, Please pray for our people and membership. This is life changing for our community. Next, Our chapter is raising funds to help as people will begin to need food, water and other supplies, as the days continue. This is going to be a months, not just days or weeks recovery process. Over 3 million are without power and the water system is destroyed, main water lines are destroyed and broken. The flooding was so extensive that people do not have cars to use to leave; there are people walking everywhere looking for food and water."

ASASF has put togther a GoFundMe page to help raise money to help the recovery efforts in the area.  Click here to donate to this important effort, and please keep the people of Florida in your hearts.