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This Week in Congress

This week, the House voted on legislation that would address rising gas and home energy prices, along with an approximately $80 billion six-year reauthorization of the nation’s workforce development programs.  Additionally, the House voted on legislation addressing veterans’ issues in advance of Memorial Day and officer training and benefits recognizing National Police Week.   Finally, the House considered legislation addressing supply chain disruptions and recalls related to baby formula.   This will be the final voting week for the House prior to the Memorial Day Recess.  Next week, the House is a committee work week with no planned floor votes.

On consumer fuel prices, President Biden could issue an emergency proclamation making it illegal to sell consumer fuel at a price that’s “unconscionably excessive” and exploitative under H.R. 7688. The energy emergency proclamation could apply to any U.S. jurisdiction for as long as 30 consecutive days and could be renewed for as many 30-day periods as the President determines appropriate.  The legislation is still matriculating through the committee process for review and consideration.

Meanwhile, the Senate considered legislation that would provide $40.1 billion in emergency spending in Ukraine.  This additional funding is needed by late this week, when previously appropriated funding is expected to expire.   Additionally, the Senate is expected to consider a $48 billion aid package for restaurants and other pandemic-ravaged businesses; however, the legislation is expected to face much opposition because of lack of offsets.