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$33 Billion Ukraine Aid Package Negotiations

House and Senate negotiators are continuing to work on the Administration’s proposal to provide an additional $33 billion for military, economic, and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine and NATO allies. The bill could also include pandemic relief funds, as the White House warns it is running out of money for coronavirus vaccines, testing, and therapeutics, but partisan disputes over immigration policy and school meal waivers could complicate negotiations. Republicans are resisting a push from some Democratic leaders to combine the Ukraine and pandemic relief measures in a single bill. The current Covid-19 bill negotiated by the Senate includes $10 billion, but some members of Congress are pushing to raise that amount to incorporate another $5 billion in international relief. Republicans will not agree to these additional dollars unless there are offsets from unspent funds from previously appropriated relief programs.  Finally, there is a push to include additional grants for restaurants, bars and other food and beverage service companies.