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DOL’s Reviewing Minimum Wage and Overtime Exemptions

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division previously announced that it is reviewing the regulations that implement the Fair Labor Standard Act’s minimum wage and overtime exemptions for bona fide executive, administrative, and professional employees.  In the last few months, DOL has held multiple listening sessions. DOL has announced additional virtual overtime listening sessions for May and June 2022 for both worker and employer stakeholders.  These sessions are being organized by region and to sign up for these listening sessions, please go to link:

In this event notice, the agency seeks stakeholder input on issues such as:

  • the appropriate salary level above which the exemptions for bona fide executive, administrative, or professional employees may apply;
  • the costs and benefits of increasing the salary level to employers and employees, including increasing wages and reducing litigation costs;
  • the best methodology for updating the salary level, and the appropriate frequency of updates; and
  • whether other changes to the overtime regulations are warranted.