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A Congressional Welcome to the 2022 SUBExcel

Sens. Rubio (R-FL) and Scott (R-FL), along with Rep. Steube (R-FL), welcomed the 2022 SUBExcel in Miramar Beach, FL.  SUBExcel is the annual national convention of the American Subcontractors Association (ASA), a trade association representing construction subcontractors, specialty trade contractors and suppliers.  At this year’s SUBExcel, ASA’s Government Relations Committee highlighted their legislative priorities including:

  • Workforce Development
    • Apprenticeship Funding Opportunities
    • Prevent the Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors
  • Federal Tax Reform
    • Make the Pass-Through Deduction Permanent to Ensure Certainty and Predictability
    • Maximize the Value and Integrity of the New Deduction for Pass-Through Businesses
    • Repeal the Estate Tax
    • Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax
    • Make Remaining Tax Extenders Permanent
  • Contracting Reform
    • Establish a statute of repose for federal construction projects
    • Ensure payment protections for construction subcontractors and suppliers performing federal construction under Public-Private Partnerships
    • Prohibit the utilization of reverse auctions for the procurement of construction contracts
    • Improve the design-build construction process
    • Ensure responsible contractors are given priority in the bidding process of federal contracts