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Infrastructure Bill Update

Senate Republicans asked Transportation Secretary Buttigieg to rescind or "substantially revise" the Federal Highway Administration’s guidance on the new bipartisan infrastructure law, which they claim favors road repair over new construction in defiance of congressional intent. Senator Capito (R-WV), the ranking member on the Environment and Public Works Committee, wrote a letter stating that guidance offered by the Federal Highway Administration in December "puts forth concerning policies that differ from the provisions" in the bipartisan infrastructure law and "this memorandum calls into question the Federal Highway Administration’s commitment to adhere to congressional intent in an objective and consistent manner." The letter, signed by 28 other Republicans, including 18 of the 19 who voted for the infrastructure law in August, requests that the agency revise or rescind the memorandum "to demonstrate that the agency intends to implement the [law] as enacted." The letter is the latest in a series of complaints by Republicans about the spending guidance, which encouraged states to use federal funds to rebuild and maintain existing roads before expanding capacity; a philosophy that was part of the early House version of the bill, but it did not make it into the final bill voted on in the Senate.