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Update: Budget Reconciliation Bill

Negotiators are making progress on the last few issues before reaching a final agreement on the package, but a handful of centrist members may prevent a House vote this week. Yesterday in a letter to Speaker Pelosi, five moderate members of the Blue Dog Coalition (co-chairs Case (HI) and Murphy (FL) and Reps. Golden (ME), Gottheimer (NJ) and Schrader (OR) asked that members have at least 72 hours to review text before a vote, a House rules requirement.  Also, they want to see cost estimates on the bill from the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation before a vote. This could require close to a week to score the bill. Senate Majority Schumer said if the House passed the legislation this week, the Senate could take up the package the week of November 15th after reviewing the text to ensure compliance with Senate budget rules.