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Upcoming ConsensusDocs Webinar: Price Escalation & Supply-Chain Disruption; Legal and Practical Remedies and Mitigation

ASA invites its members to join ConsensusDocs on October 19th, 2021 at 2pm Eastern for the upcoming free webinar, "Price Escalation & Supply-Chain Disruption; Legal and Practical Remedies and Mitigation".

The industry is facing unprecedented price swings and supply shortages that have made the risky business of construction even more unpredictable. There is no magic bullet, but a price escalation clause and other legal remedies are first thing you should look to.  This timely webinar will explore contractual remedies, including using the ConsensusDocs 200.1 Price Escalation Clause as ways for owners and contractors alike to mitigate the uncertain risk of price spikes and supply shortages. You will also learn about practical negotiation strategies and techniques applicable for public and private work as well as contrasting strategies for existing contracted work vs. work not yet under contract.


  • Understand how a price escalation clause can provide equitable relief for owner and contractors.
  • Understand how certain price escalation clause can be written to be more or less acceptable to owners.
  • Learn other contract negotiation strategies to mitigate against price escalation including cost of the work; force majeure; change of law; allowances; and the early procurement of materials should be considered.


Brian Perlberg, Director and Senior Counsel. ConsensusDocs

Brian Perlberg is the Senior Counsel for Construction Law & ContractDocuments at the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).He serves as AGC’s lead in-house attorney for all construction law and contract matters. He serves as the Executive Director & Counsel for ConsensusDocs, an unprecedented industry-wide coalition of 40+ construction organizations dedicated to drafting best practice construction contracts.

Adrian Bastianelli, III, Esq. Partner.  Peckar & Abramson, P.C. 


Adrian L. Bastianelli, III is a partner at Peckar & Abramson. His practice focuses on construction claims and litigation, with an emphasis on government construction contracts. He represents all sectors of the construction industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, owners, design professionals and sureties. Adrian also has an active alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice. He has served as an arbitrator, a mediator, and a DRB member on hundreds of construction disputes.