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Negotiations Continue on Infrastructure and Budge Reconciliation Bills

On Wednesday, September 22nd, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, several House moderates, progressives, and some members of the Senate met with President Biden to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the reconciliation package.  The vote on the legislation will not take place until Speaker Pelosi is sure that she has the votes for passage.  It is expected that working out a deal on the package could drag on into October or even later in the year.  Earlier this week Speaker Pelosi met members of her leadership team and House Committee chairs to discuss key provisions of the package. Speaker Pelosi also released a letter stating that the House will not vote on a version of the reconciliation package that is more expensive than the Senate version.  Some House provisions may need to be eliminated due to Senate reconciliation rules.  Speaker Pelosi cautioned progressives that while there are only a few outstanding disagreements between the chambers, the Senate’s strict reconciliation rules may mean certain provisions in the House bill get struck from the final product.  Per Speaker Pelosi, "our legislation is being reviewed by the House and Senate Budget Committees for possible Byrd violation challenges to narrow our exposure in a Byrd bath.  The House and Senate are already in agreement on most of the bills.”