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The House Advances the FY22 NDAA

On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, by a vote of 57-2, the House Armed Services Committee approved its FY22 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Included in it is a provision to establish a commission to review the conduct of the war in Afghanistan and one of the key amendments adopted, by a vote of 42-17, was by Rep. Rogers, the committee's top Republican, to increase the total amount of spending authorized for the Pentagon.   The Rogers amendment would authorize adding nearly $24 billion to the President’s request. On top of a $1 billion increase to military construction spending authorized in the underlying bill, the committee boosted President Biden's request by $25 billion.

Rep. Norcross’s “Buy America” Amendment, which passed with a vote 36-23 would require that products must contain 60 percent of their articles, materials or supplies (by cost) derived from American sources upon the law’s enactment. That minimum U.S. content requirement would grow to 75 percent in 2029.

Finally, as highlighted in the July 16th ASAToday, we advocated for the maintenance of existing procurement frameworks for architect and engineering services, the clarification of cybersecurity majority model certification requirements, the exemption of the federal Miller Act from threshold increases due to indexing for inflation, and the improvement accuracy in real property management in the FY22 NDAA.  From infrastructure maintenance, new construction, or building retrofitting activities, the accuracy and interoperability of the Department of Defense’s real property management and ownership datasets are vital to efficient stewardship decisions.