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ASA is Leading the Way in Creating a Level Playing Field for Prequalification!

While we all understand the growing need for risk management, prequalification has traditionally been one sided. We struggle to keep up with the multiple unique general contractor requests, understand how the data is used, why each general contractor has a different set of requirements, and a different platform to fulfill said requirements

When things are out of balance and where challenges for subcontractor’s exist, there are opportunities for ASA to step in and address them. Prequalification is one such challenge and we have partnered with Compass, by Bespoke Metrics to offer subcontractor-centric solutions in the form of:

  1. Standardization of data updated once a year through the 1Form (universal form)
  2. Full control over which general contractors, down to the user who can access your data
  3. Secure transfer of data to your general contractors, owners, banks, surety, and etc.
  4. Data-driven independent third-party scoring to support quality-based selection

Next month, Bespoke Metrics will be launching their new 2021 1Form. Collaboration with over 100 of the largest general contractors and insurers ensure the 1Form meets all prequalification requirements. New for this year, we have a voice through the ASA User Tech Group to ensure subcontractor concerns, such as time to complete, ease of use, and access to sensitive data are being communicated and addressed within the supply chain.

For a hard copy of the 1Form, if you would like to participate, or have any questions reading our objectives, please feel free to reach out at