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The Growing Need for Faster Labor Productivity Reporting

Supply chain disruptions continue to impact construction schedules, resulting in the majority of contractors facing at least one material shortage. With the current construction environment showing both strong growth potential and high uncertainty, many construction teams are facing challenges of effective labor management and distribution across their projects. While construction project management solutions offer some insights, they are failing to provide the timely feedback required to effectively measure current labor and productivity status. This means contractors are unable to collect timely feedback and surface the necessary insights on potential bottlenecks.

Business Intelligence tools are transforming how companies connect their field data to quickly surface productivity insights buried across reporting systems. But what exactly is Business Intelligence and how can it help the construction industry gain a competitive edge?

What Business Intelligence means for contractors?

Business intelligence (BI) in the broadest terms includes the strategies and technology used by an organization to analyze its business data. Modern BI tools can help construction team overcome three major challenges:

  1. Connecting project data that is often siloed across various reporting platforms like ERPs and accounting systems
  2. Maintaining visibility into key factors affecting productivity
  3. Surfacing and sharing insights in a timely manner

How and where to leverage insights from your current field reports.

While Business Intelligence has the opportunity to transform nearly every aspect of construction planning, bidding, and management, these three construction areas show the most immediate potential for data transformation:

  1. Labor Management
  2. Cost Code Status and Performance
  3. Exception Reporting

These three areas of construction productivity can be effectively measured by reporting information you already capture. Timecards and time & materials tickets provide the foundation for these insights and can be easily unlocked with easy-to-use tools like Rhumbix Timekeeping and T&M Tracking that digitize these reports straight from the field.

Introducing Rhumbix Field Analytix™

Rhumbix is a field first solution that is hyper-focused on the capture and use of field-centric data gathered by your front line personnel. The Rhumbix solution sits between the field and the ERP, collecting, curating and processing the key field data insights that help keep your projects on track. With Rhumbix Field Analytix™, teams can simplify critical workflows like Timekeeping and Time & Materials Tracking and connect with reporting data in the same platform. Learn more here.