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Congressional Leaders Consider $2 Billion for Capitol Security

Congressional leaders are drafting a $2 billion funding bill to strengthen security at the U.S. Capitol in the wake of the January 6th.  The discussions and drafting of the legislation are not complete and the total amount is an approximate and subject to change.  There is no set timing for release of the plan and a vote on the funding. The security measures are expected to include some type of permanent fencing around the Capitol, additional officers for the Capitol Police force, improved emergency communications and weaponry, as well as enhanced protections for lawmakers.  Previously, Speaker Pelosi said there would be extra funding sought for security improvements.

Members of Congress in both parties have raised objections about the temporary fencing erected still in place and the continued deployment of the National Guard troops on the grounds. Some of the barriers are being removed or repositioned and the Guard forces are being drawn down after Capitol Police concluded that there was no immediate threat.