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What are the benefits of joining ASA?

  • Government Advocacy: Construction generates billions of dollars in revenues every year … and government generates countless regulations and legislation that complicate the business of construction. ASA is YOUR voice in Washington and your state houses. Legislators and decision makers hear ASA on issues that affect business conditions for all subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Strength in Numbers on Industry Issues: ASA’s powerful voice in the construction industry for more than 40 years has improved business conditions for subcontractors and suppliers. ASA fights the big battles FOR YOU on issues such as insurance, retainage, standard contract language, prompt payment, bid shopping and more.
  • Education and Knowledge: The Contractors’ Knowledge Depot is your ASA source for educational products on contract management, human resources, finances and more. On-demand videos, manuals, audio podcasts and other resources are produced to address issues from the subcontractor/supplier perspective. The Contractors’ Knowledge Bank provides a powerful tool with FREE access to hundreds of documents that cover virtually ALL construction-related topics.
  • Informative Meetings: ASA meets for the Business Forum and Convention and Champions Academy to provide exceptional learning and networking opportunities to improve your business.
  • A Staff that Works for You: ASA staff members are knowledgeable professionals experienced in the construction industry. We understand the needs of subcontractors and suppliers. Highly accessible and driven to serve our members, we will help you to find the answers you need to successfully run your business.
  • News You Can Use: ASA members receive a monthly subscription to The Contractor’s Compass to keep up to date on the latest developments, trends and economic news in the industry. ASA’s weekly e-newsletter, ASAtoday, gives ASA members the hottest business tips and news from Washington and the construction industry. You get an advantage over your competitors who don’t have ASA on their side!
  • Membership Directory: All members receive complimentary listings in this online resource that is made available FREE on the Internet. It is a networking and advertising tool that will give your company extra exposure and visibility to the construction industry!
  • Human Resources: ASA members receive complimentary human resources services provided by SESCO Management Consulting, including telephone and email consultation, handbook review, and access to the monthly SESCO Report newsletter.
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