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Contracts & Project Management

Successful projects start with good companies, good ideas, and good contracts. Whether the project is a neighborhood health clinic or a state-of-the-art sports arena, success demands effective project management at every level and phase. As an integral part of the construction team, subcontractors contribute to project success by working with design-builders, construction managers and general contractors, other subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, and suppliers.

In Brief

ASA promotes best practices within the construction industry by working with other industry associations to develop and publish project management best practices and model contract language that is equitable to all members of the construction project team. ASA also advocates for laws such as prompt payment and zero retainage that reflect best practices.

Members-Only Resources

Login to Member Resources for access to the following contracts and project management documents and other resources:

  • ASA Subcontract Documents Suite (2017)
  • Choosing Your Legal Team
  • White Paper on Progress Payments
  • Translating Changes and Changed Conditions
  • FASA Mastering Subcontract Performance and Scope Requirements
  • FASA Retainage Laws in the 50 States (2017)
  • ASA Contingent Payment Clauses in the 50 States (2016)
  • Anti-Forum Selection Clauses in the 50 States (2015)
  • ASA Prompt Payment in the 50 States (2014)
  • Negotiating the Payment Clause - A Script
  • Strategies for Obtaining Unconditional Payment for Performance
  • White Paper on Project Financing
  • Glossary of Common Construction Contract Terms
  • Consolidated Insurance Programs Using ASA Tools to Address Costs and Hidden Risks
  • Contract Changes and Claims: Contractual and Legal Basis of Entitlement to Subcontract Adjustment
  • ASA Schedule Approval Reservation of Rights Stickers
  • ASA Lien Waiver Reservation of Rights Stickers
  • ASA Payment Application Reservation of Rights Stickers
  • ASA Change Order Reservation of Rights Stickers
  • Tip Sheet - Legal Action by Subcontractor Against Owner
  • Tip Sheet - Legal Action Against the Owner by the Contractor on Behalf of the Sub
  • Tip Sheet - Concealed or Unknown Conditions
  • Tip Sheet - Subrogation of Workers' Compensation
  • Tip Sheet - Payment Rate for Extra Work
  • Tip Sheet - Limitation on Damages
  • Tip Sheet - Price Escalation
  • Tip Sheet - Extra Work
  • Tip Sheet - Warranties
  • Tip Sheet - Warranty Time of Commencement and Time Limits
  • Tip Sheet - Design Responsibility
  • Tip Sheet - General Contractor Satisfaction
  • Tip Sheet - Claims Notices
  • Tip Sheet - Lien Waivers
  • Tip Sheet - Ambiguities or Inconsistencies
  • Tip Sheet - Closeout Documentation
  • Tip Sheet - Mediation as Preferred Dispute Resolution Method
  • Tip Sheet - Assignment of Subcontract
  • Tip Sheet - Builder's All Risk Insurance
  • Tip Sheet - Suspension of Work
  • Tip Sheet - Owners & Contractors Protective Liability Policy
  • Tip Sheet - Additional Insured
  • Tip Sheet - Indemnity or Hold Harmless
  • Tip Sheet - Duty to Defend
  • Tip Sheet - Consequential Damages
  • Tip Sheet - Overtime Billing Rates
  • Tip Sheet - Schedule of Values for Progress Payments
  • Tip Sheet - No Damages for Delay
  • Tip Sheet - Termination for Convenience Part 1
  • Tip Sheet - Termination for Convenience Part 2
  • Tip Sheet - Force Majeure
  • Tip Sheet - Payment Set Off
  • Tip Sheet - Scope of Work
  • Tip Sheet - Subcontractor's Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Tip Sheet - Choice of Law and Forum
  • Tip Sheet - Copy of Contractor's Surety Bond
  • Tip Sheet - Subcontractor Communications with Owner
  • Tip Sheet - Evidence of Owner Financing
  • Tip Sheet - Project Schedule
  • Tip Sheet - Copies of Contract Documents
  • Tip Sheet - Protection of Work
  • Tip Sheet - Contractor Backcharges
  • Tip Sheet - No Payment for Stored Materials
  • Tip Sheet - Inability to Stop Work for Nonpayment
  • Tip Sheet - Progress Payment Timing
  • Tip Sheet - Retainage for Sub Is More Than for GC
  • Tip Sheet - No Interest for Late Payment
  • Tip Sheet - Temporary Site Facilities
  • Tip Sheet - One-Way Conduit Clause
  • Tip Sheet - Pay-If-Paid Clause
  • ASA Short List of Subcontract Negotiation Points
  • Project Information Form
  • ASA White Paper: Accounting for Technology Change
  • ASA White Paper: Checking Performance Bond Requirements
  • ASA White Paper: Guarding Against Frivolous Backcharges
  • ASA White Paper: Evaluating Dispute Resolution Alternatives
  • ASA White Paper: Limiting Termination for Convenience
  • ASA White Paper: Understanding Termination for Default
  • ASA White Paper: Addressing the Additional Insured Problem
  • ASA White Paper: Defending Your--Not Others'--Mistakes
  • ASA White Paper: Curbing the Risk of Lien Waivers
  • ASA White Paper: Protecting Against Payment Default
  • ASA White Paper: Establishing the Right to Payment Assurances
  • ASA White Paper: Eliminating or Limiting Retainage
  • ASA White Paper: Preserving Claims for Scope Changes
  • ASA White Paper: Preserving Claims for Schedule Changes
  • ASA White Paper: Preparing for the Unexpected
  • ASA White Paper: Writing and Enforcing a Contractual Warranty
  • ASA White Paper: What the Subcontract Really Says
  • ASA White Paper: Evaluating Transfers of Design Responsibility
  • ASA White Paper: What's Not in the Contract
  • ASA White Paper: Understanding Warranty Types
  • ASA White Paper: Defining Design Responsibility
  • ASA White Paper: Controlling Risk With the Right to Cure
  • The Business Value of BIM by McGraw-Hill Construction

ASA Contracts and Project Management Resources for Everyone

View additional ASA Contracts and Project Management Resources.

Other Resources

ConsensusDocs - ASA-Endorsed Construction Contracts Built by Consensus (external link)

AGC/ASA/ASC Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project (external link)

American Arbitration Association Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures (external link)

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