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ASA Webinars: Tips for Participating


  • Prepare for 90 minutes on the webinar. Plan accordingly.
  • Prepare questions prior to the webinar.
  • Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements (distributed by email).  High-speed Internet is strongly recommended.
  • Test your Internet connection, if necessary, in advance of the webinar.

General Webinar Etiquette

  • Call and log in from a quiet location. Mute your phone if you are using a speakerphone.  Do not use cell phones or cordless phones.
  • Don't use the hold button if your phone system has built in background music or announcements.
    Avoid paper rustling.
  • There will be a Q-and-A period at the end of the webinar, time-permitting.
  • To ask a question, use the Q&A tab in your toolbar.
  • When speaking during the call, speak clearly. Slow down if you are a "fast talker."
  • Be aware of the impact of accents and slow down accordingly.

Attention & Engagement

  • Try to stay focused and take notes during the call.
  • Caution with multitasking - some is unavoidable; you may miss some important information.

Interactive Techniques

  • Side discussions with other participants are strongly discouraged.
  • Take notes and use for follow up.
  • Assist in making sure the call is promptly ended.
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